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Welcome to the Portfolio of Bony Simon

Bony Simon is a passionate and experienced IT Engineer with an immense  interest in the field of Big Data, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering and Web Scraping.


Griffith College Dublin

Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland

Jan '18 - Jun '19

Master of Science (MS) in Big Data Management and Analytics

Alliance College of Engineering and Design, Alliance University

Alliance University, Bengaluru, India

Aug '12 - Jun '16

Bachelor of Technology ( in Computer Science and Engineering

Work Experience


Data Engineer ,Hoeffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH. Berlin

June '19 - Present


Data Developer , Freelancer. Dublin

May '18 - Feb '19

• Designed a scalable and cost-efficient architecture which can be incorporated into the existing system
without extensive modifications.
• Implemented advanced full-text search with Elasticsearch and Amazon AWS that would return the user with most relevant results.
• Developed an Extract Transform Load ( ETL ) pipeline which supports the data feed to search.
• Developed crawlers for scraping the content of interest from multiple websites and ensures the integrity of data.
• Developed language translation scripts using Google Translate API to translate non-english languages to English. 


Data Engineer , ShieldSquare . Bengaluru

Jul '16 - Nov '17

• Developed a data pipeline to load real-time stream data generated by classification engine into Google Big Query from Kafka .
• Developed real-time data processing pipeline and analysis system for customer traffic analysis and anomaly detection.
• Developed data pipeline for loading data into elasticsearch from Google Big query and implemented visualization using Kibana.
• Developed web log to MongoDB pipeline and analytics system for offline anomaly detection.
• Incorporating fraud, spam detection use-cases like Carding Fraud, Purchase Fraud, Publisher Fraud, Affiliate Fraud, Ad Fraud into the classification engine and enhancing engine efficiency.
• Create value proposition, KPI and Insight reports as per customer requirement and support Marketing team in creating data-driven Marketing Collaterals.
• Validate Bot detection Engine Efficiency by conducting False Positive and False Negative Analysis.
• Identify complex bot patterns by applying Data mining, machine learning, and statistical techniques.
• Deploy the developed modules on cloud platforms like Google Cloud, Amazon AWS and monitor the system status.


Growth Hacker - Intern, ShieldSquare . Bengaluru

Oct '15 - Feb '16

• Perform data analysis to obtain creative inputs for developing and producing of Marketing collateral.
• Explore and execute opportunities to enhance product offerings given to Customer already on-board
• Analyse and Study pain points of potential Customers in various sectors and the impact of malicious bots on their business.
• Performed web scraping on various property portals to analyse the scraping vulnerabilitys, design pitfalls and prepared a report which was used for marking.


Data Scientist - Intern, ShieldSquare . Bengaluru

Jun '15 - Aug '15

• Perform web data extraction/scraping, Data cleaning, processing.
• Analyse website for Scraping vulnerability and prepare vulnerability report.
• Developing advanced bots, mimicking human behavior using browser automation.
• Manage cloud instances from Google cloud and Amazon AWS used for data scraping.
• Build tools for data analysis and visualisation with python.
• Developed automated insight generation and delivery system using MailChimp API.

Volunteering Experience


Event Coordinator, ShieldSquare, Bengaluru

Apr '17 - Nov '17

Misericordia Charitable Trust, Kerala

Technology Consultant, Misericordia Charitable Trust

Jun '15 - Present

Professional Skills

Programming Languages

Python, R programming, Shell

Big Data

AWS Redshift, AWS S3 Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Drill, Apache Airflow, Google BigQuery,Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Google Datastore


[ SQL ] Postgres, MySQL, [ NoSQL ] Redis, MongoDB

Data Science

Feature Engineering, Classification, Regression, Association,MLP,


Behaviour analysis, Time-series analysis,Forecasting , User activity analysis

Cloud Platforms

Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, DigitalOcean, Scaleway


Tableau, Kibana, Google Data Studio, Google charts, Grafana, Apache Superset

Operating Systems

Ubuntu server 14/16 , Kali Linux, Centos 6 / 7, Windows Server 2012, Mac OS

Web Skills

Web Scraping, Server administration, Scraping Vulnerability Assessment.

Automation Tools

Selenium Webdriver, PhantomJS, Scrapy

Business skills 

Marketing, Presentation, Business Intelligence,Strategy, Value Propositions, Customer Support


Bony Simon | High Five Award

High Five Award, ShieldSquare

Received High Five Award from Mr. Vasanth Kumar, COO of ShieldSquare for Customer Data Analysis.

Language Proficiency

Confidence Level












Career Events timeline

 August 2012     

Joined Alliance University For Bachelors

Started Bachelor of Technology ( in Computer Science and Engineering at Alliance University, Bengaluru, India

June 2015

Joined ShieldSquare for Internship

Started working as a Data Scientist intern for the Data Science Team at ShieldSquare, Bengaluru, India

August 2015

Intership Completed at ShieldSquare

Internship as a Data Scientist has been successfully completed. Discussion to extend the internship towards Marketing and Analytics has taken place.

October 2015

Re-Joined ShieldSquare for extended Internship

Started working as a Growth Hacker intern for the Marketing Team at ShieldSquare, Bengaluru, India

February 2016

Extended Internship Completed at ShieldSquare

Internship as a Growth Hacker has been completed and marketing collatrals, reports has been delivered to marketing team.

June 2016

Completed Bachelors at Alliance University

Bachelor of Technology ( in Computer Science and Engineering has been successfully completed at Alliance University. ShieldSquare has offered the position as a Data Engineer.

July 2016

Joined ShieldSquare as a Data Engineer

Started working as a Data Engineer for the Data Science Team at ShieldSquare, Bengaluru, India

November 2017

Resigned from ShieldSquare 

Resigned the position of Data Engineer at ShielSquare in pursuit of Master's in Big Data Management and Analytics.

January 2018          

Joined Griffith College for Masters

Started Master of Science (MS) in Big Data Management and Analytics at Griffith College, Dublin, Ireland

May 2018

Joined a Canadian Startup as a Freelancer

Started working as a Freelance Data Developer for a Canadian StartUp Remotely.

June 2019

Graduated Masters with First Class  Honours



Working as Data Engineer at Höffner Möbelgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG

Contact Me

Phone: +353-894590483
Skype: bony.simon1

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